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Go Paperless and Gain Security, Continuity, and Flexible Collaboration

In a modern office, managing paper documents is tedious, resource intensive, and adds needless day-to-day challenges for both staff and customers. Empowering your staff to easily capture, store, share, and collaborate on digital documents can save time, improve workflows, and save a lot of money.

We help businesses like yours digitally transition, storing all of your archived paperwork and documents in a secure, searchable, backed up environment either locally or in the cloud. From there, your team will be able to find documents faster, organize them, share and collaborate, and access the information they need from anywhere.

Whether your office needs to meet specific compliance requirements, or you simply want to go green and save money on ink and paper, our document management solutions are a significant game-changer for just about any organization.

Remove Paper from the Equation, Gain Huge Value in Return

Whenever your business reduces its reliance on a particular resource, there are going to be benefits. Our solutions are designed to add some huge benefits to your organization beyond just simply reducing the cost of paper.

Private Scanning and Printing

Private Scanning and Printing

Converting documents from paper to digital can make them more secure through safeguards, such as password protection, encryption, and data backup.

Document Automation

Document Automation

Sophisticated capture and distribution software with forms and context recognition that intelligently powers document capture, processes, routes, and helps enterprises stay efficient.

Hassle-Free Collaboration

Hassle-Free Collaboration

Forget about email file-size limitations, complex account creation, and other roadblocks that make digital collaboration a challenge. Your new document management system makes it easy for you to share and collaborate within your organization and with clients and prospects.

The Best Support in the Industry

We not only prioritize delivering exceptional industry-leading support, but we also hold prestigious certifications and awards from the manufacturers we proudly represent. Your journey with us is guided every step of the way.

When you choose EGP, you're not just investing in a high-quality piece of equipment—you're gaining access to over 45 years of our extensive industry expertise, steadfast long-term support, and personalized customer service that only a small, locally owned family business can offer.

When time is limited, space is scarce, and budget constraints loom, EGP is here to address all your document management requirements. Have confidence in knowing where to turn for assistance when it matters most. Your responsibility is to deliver information to clients, customers, and colleagues, and we're here to support you every step of the way. We guarantee the implementation of the right solutions to keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Be ready for everything, every day.

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